Concept solution for heavy construction


The Arm-Tec Support System offers you the possibility of prefabricating the reinforcement separately from the casting form, thus achieving a great efficiency of the reinforcement work and a better economy. Our prefabricated sections are of top quality and we may take on sections of up to 275 tons.

The application of Arm-Tec Support System may reduce the total time of implementation by up to 50% and we design, fabricate, deliver and supervise the project from start to finish.

We are specialists within these ares:

– Prefabricated reinforcement cages             – In-situ reinforcement work

– Assembly jigs for pre-fab production         – Lifting/transportation system for reinforcement cages

– Guiding system for ducts

The Öresund Bridge and Tunnel, AAsta Bridge and JFK Airport are just a few of our previous international projects


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